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Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th-15th 2014
Dreams Coming True…

Well, so… as I said the other day, I had been fired. Boo hoo. So sad. Blah. 

Well, yesterday I went and spoke with this music venue owner that I had worked with in the past and whatnot and he’s so awesome. Well, he didn’t have any jobs right now that were open for me to take but for about an hour we talked about a new project he’s working on and that’s opening up a Rock Shop to see band posters, clothing, accessories and other unique band memorabilia that he himself has. And the best part is, he wants me to help with everything from the starting business plan to actually opening and running this shop. :)

I just am so excited and happy that he believes in me so much and sees the potential I have. Owning my own music venue is actually my dream job and what I want to do for a living so to have him give me this part to play in his own venue; well it’s going to open so many doors. This guy is friends with Slash! SLASH! (Old guitarist to Guns & Roses - for those of you who don’t know.) And he’s friends with so many other famous people; I can’t even. 

And then also, I just started talking with my favorite book series author and she’s giving me so many tips on how to get started with publishing a book I’ve written. This was a few years back that I had written this story, but I’m going to run through it again to spruce it up and then hopefully I’ll become a published author too. 

Life is going good. I just have to work to make things happen.


Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

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